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Meet our Founders


Donna and Laura have each dedicated almost 30 years of their lives to the sport of gymnastics.   Their dedication to coaching is reflected in their accomplishments but most notably in the positive impact they have had in so many athletes, judges, peers, and in the community.

Beyond the key elements of technical instruction their roles as mentors have always been rooted in the core value of building heathy, happy, and confident kids.   

Donna and Laura have designed and developed a proven gymnastics program that is widely recognized throughout USAG Region 5 as a leader in instruction that focuses on dedication to solid fundamentals and the progression of advanced skills based on each athlete’s individual ability.   

The desire to expand on the opportunity to build quality into every element of recreational and competitive gymnastics program has led them to start Gateway Elite Gymnastics.

Gateway Elite Gymnastics emphasis on athlete’s safety, quality of instruction and developing each athlete’s well-being separates us from any other organization throughout the metro St. Louis area.

We look forward to seeing you soon!!

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